The foundation of the Security Management Buyers Guide (SMBG)
is the 700+ security industry manufacturers and suppliers that
exhibit at the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits. These industry
leaders comprise the breadth of available security solutions
today, though all relevant companies are invited to list at no cost.
The SMBG is also the only ASIS web site that is completely
public-facing, with every facet and service available to all security
practitioners, not just ASIS members.

The SMBG is built around an unrivalled lead generation engine
that delivers prospect information by e-mail to designated
contacts at your company. But free listings and the lead generation
service (which is also free for buyers and sellers) is just the
foundation of marketing value of this site. Each company has
the opportunity to develop a “microsite” page featuring white
papers, multi-media, Google Maps of branch offices, event
listings, and more (see page 20 for more details). The SMBG
also offers dynamic opportunities for display advertising, with
video, high profile expanding push down ads that are ideal for
product announcements, and contextual advertising, which allows
you to target the product categories in which your ad will display.

​Contact an Advertising Representative:

Charlotte Lane TLG Media Sales
1772 Taliaferro Trail Montgomery, AL 36117 
(334) 239-2218
FAX: (334) 460-1918
[email protected]
Shawn Register
Register Sales and Marketing
7166 Wyngrove Drive Montgomery AL 36117 
(334) 270-4060
FAX: (334) 277-1550
[email protected]
Jeff Dembski, Steve Loerch
Didier & Broderick, Inc.
95 Revere Drive, Suite H Northbrook, IL  60062
Jeff: (847) 498-4520 ext. 3005
Steve: (847) 498-4520 ext. 3006
FAX: (847) 498-5911
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sales Headquarters
Sandy Wade Publisher
1625 Prince Street Alexandria, VA 22314
(800) 368-5685
FAX: (703) 518-1518
[email protected]



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