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Security Management CM

The Content Marketing Service for the Security Industry

Adding Another Dimension to the Conversation

Great content is the foundation of your marketing and communications strategy. But in an era of lean marketing budgets and a high demand for quick returns, dedicated staff writers are an expense few companies can afford. Even fewer marketing executives can commit their own time to researching, writing, and producing the compelling content that will distinguish their brand. That’s why Security Management is introducing Security Management CM (Content Marketing) a new creative services program that puts a team of experienced professional journalists and creative staff at your disposal on a project basis.

Professional Journalists

Security Management CM is a team of talented journalists with years of experience in the security industry—most having held staff positions on the industry-leading and award-winning Security Management. ASIS members are leaders of the security industry across the breadth of the industry. And Security Management CM journalists write to that audience like no one else can; with authority and a clear voice that anticipates their questions and understands their priorities.

Partnering with ASIS International

Choosing ASIS as a partner in any content marketing strategy opens unique opportunities to become part of the ASIS body of knowledge:
·         Your company listing in the Security Management Buyers Guide is upgraded to Silver—allowing you to post white papers, case studies, events, images and more—at no additional cost. It also conveys priority ranking in your product categories.
·         Your branded content is indexed so that relevant searches anywhere within the ASIS online environment produce your content in the results.
·         A high-profile visual announcement of your branded content is run in the monthly Security Management Buyers Guide newsletter, in the form of display ad blocks in Security Management Daily, and as display advertising on Security Management online.
·         All Security Management CM content is distributed through an unrivalled turn-key lead management system. Registration information will be delivered to you real-time via e-mail and in periodic activity reports.

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